Current work

This page presents brief updates and news on the current state of work on the I.Sicily project, website and collaborations.

18 August 2017

There are currently 3242 records online, with almost 100 now checked or edited.  In recent months there have been several new developments on the project:

  • In July we successfully curated and launched an exhibition (‘Voci di Pietra’) of the inscriptions in the Museo Civico Castel Ursino of Catania (more information on this project will be posted shortly on the blog). You can read a report on the exhibition in Italian in Corriere della Sera
  • Early in the summer we obtained a grant from the International Catacomb Society to work with Davide Tanasi (University of South Florida) and Ilenia Gradante (Research Associate, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford) on the inscriptions of the catacombs of ancient Syracuse as part of the Virtual Ancient Siracusa Project.
  • We are now one of the overseas project partners on Canadia CANARIE-funded grant, led by the CWRC project under Professor Susan Brown (Guelph University), which will help us to develop a better user interface for collaborative editing of inscriptions online.

22 February 2017

All records have now been aligned with Trismegistos, and the links are active in both directions (this applies to 2554 records; the remainder have yet to be allocated a number in Trismegistos).

We have begun a pilot project with current Oxford graduate students: students learn basic XML EpiDoc editing skills and put these to work editing the text division. In the first instance this work is focused on adding texts to records for which this information is currently missing, and we expect this work to gain speed in the next couple of months.

As of today 28 records have progressed to ‘draft’ or ‘edited’ status and 52 images have been uploaded.

18 January 2017

The error in displaying corpus reference numbers has now been fixed, and in addition multiple references within these fields now display together within the main data table.

15 January 2017

The website is now live, in beta mode: there are currently 3,242 inscriptions listed on the site. At this moment all but three of the EpiDoc files are ‘unchecked’, and all data should be used with caution. The current priorities are (a) checking for significant errors and bugs, (b) checking and revising the EpiDoc files, including text transcriptions, and (c) beginning to incorporate images.

We are also currently writing the first version of the guide to searching on the site.

We are aware of – and actively correcting – a data conversion error, which means that references to CIL, IG, AE, BE and SEG ending in a zero may currently be incorrectly displayed (any trailing zeros in the reference are omitted).